Good To Know

What We Do?

⦁ We Are Going To Start Such a Community Of The Legends Who Want To Change Their Lifestyle Generation To Generation By Helping Each Other Because Every One Knows “God Help Those Who Help Themselves “

⦁ To End The Poverty and to MAKE The Poor Financial Strong.

⦁ To make all poor and needy a business icons.

⦁ To build a welfare society.

Marketing Plan

We Will Talk Only About 8th Level

(80% Of Earnings Will Go To Upper Level)

How To Do?

Everyone Will Donate Rs. 1000 And Will Duplicate The Same Idea To 6 Same Minded People To Build An Empire Of Successful And Visionary Leaders.


1. 6×1,000=6,000::(35,22,41,005×80%)

2. 36×1,000=36,000::(44,03,01,256×80%)

3. 216×1,000=2,16,000::(55,03,76,570×80%)

4. 1,296×1,000=12,96,000::(68,79,70,714×80%)

5. 7,776×1,000=77,76,000::(85,99,63,392×80%)===HondaCD70

6. 46,656×1,000=4,66,56,000::(1,07,49,54,240×80%)===HondaCG125

7. 2,79,936×1,000=27,99,36,000::(1,34,36,92,800×80%)===SuzukiAlto

8. 16,79,616×1,000=1,67,96,16,000×80%===SuzukiWagonR

Bonus And Rewards

We Will Have 8 Pools And Will Get The Same Rewards From Each Pools.After Completion Of First Pool, Salary Will Of Rs.5000 And As Concerned Other Pools Following Criteria Will Be Adopted:-


Why Support And Stand?

1. Everyone Can Able to change their lifestyle by working with our tremendous formula of “Support And Stand” within one year.

2. some people can complete their pool in one month, its depend on your curiosity to convert your self from common man to the bushiness legend.

3. If You Work Even Slowly and complete your pool in two to three years is much better as compared to your job.